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In Radar's September issue, Sarah Horne dissects the recent hot, bisexual lady mania that is supposedly sweeping the nation. The article is not only about Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan, who, by most accounts are having a loving relationship, it's also about what I've always referred to as "party lesbians," or what Marquette University sociologist Dawne Moon describes as "this kind of Maxim culture where it's all a performance. It's like, 'I'm being transgressive because I want men to want me more.'" Sarah Warne, the founder of the queer site, tells Radar that this "Playboy bisexual" meme is really just "total narcissism" masquerading as trend, and that Tila Tequila is the fad's burnt-orange poster girl. But is it better to have bisexuality represented in a not-so-perfect package than not discussed at all?Horne talks to Diane Anderson-Minshall, the editor of the lesbian magazine Curve, who says of Tequila, "for better or worse she does increase visibility…a lot of current lesbians are women who at one time were those Girls Gone Wild girls. That's how I was. The fact that men get off on it-well, it gives you a convenient outlet to explore how you feel." Then there's this news that the uber-annoying Katy Perry song "I Kissed a Girl" inspired a New Zealand radio station to hold a contest today to break the world record for same-sex kissing. Do events like this and the presence of someone like Tila Tequila create more awareness of the sexuality spectrum and as a result, more understanding? Or is it just a spectacle that ultimately belittles what real lesbians and bisexuals go through? Girls Gone Wilde [Radar] Lots Of Girls Kissing Girls [Perez]


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