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Tide Detergent Is a Stain on the Black Market

If you haven't been keeping up on the black market lately (let's be real—you RUN the black market), there's one particularly popular item that might surprise you. It's Tide detergent. A brand-name product that's lack of serial numbers makes it virtually impossible to track, Tide has recently been dubbed as "liquid gold" and is being boosted at an alarming rate. In a recent Maryland drug sting, police turned up more of the laundry detergent than they did cocaine. (Detective Jimmy McNulty is quoted as saying, "What the fuck did I do?")


If you are hoping to get in on this racket, you better act quickly. Stores are beginning to keep Tide on lockdown much like they do with Sudafed. Don't they know that only makes us want the sweet T even more?

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Wait. I need further clarification: People are re-selling Tide on the black market? Or are using it to make drugs?

Basically, this was my face at the end of this article: O_o