Tidal Is Going to Start Streaming Movies Once They Come Up With A More Elite Term Than 'Binge-Watch'

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Tidal sure has come a long way since Jay-Z basically forgot about it. The high-profile release of Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo led to it being streamed 250 million times in its first 10 days online last February. Think about how many giant plastic mouse heads that can buy.


Page Six reports that there are going to be huge animal shaped facial recognition obscurers for everyone, because Tidal will soon start streaming even more hot content right in our eyes:

Tidal has already put in a request to Apple for approval to add movie streaming to their app, we’re told, and the service could be up and running as early as June.

One source told us, “Tidal has upset everybody in the music business, the labels, Apple and [Interscope founder] Jimmy Iovine, and now it is taking on Netflix and Hulu.

“The movie service will feature original content as well as acquired films. Tidal hopes to work with an indie studio or producer on a partnership to create original movies.”

They also mention that Kanye West is developing a script with Bret Easton Ellis, which is not the nightmare scenario I needed to contemplate before bed. Otherwise, this sounds very exciting. Do your parents have a Tidal subscription password I could use?

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I love Tidal. It’s actually a very good app with a hella cool interface on the new upgrade. Add that they now offer free tickets to concerts and other events to people in the area that show the tidal app on their phone? Yeah it’s staying on my phone.

I see a lot more people from social media keeping it on their phones and sharing songs using that instead of iTunes now.

Plus they had already been showing some original content and movies since the beginning. When they first launched they had some Erykah Badu western movie on there. And they have a low budget show that’s shot right up the street from me by some neighborhood guys. I like that little guys get to have their content up there too.