Through the months leading up to the campaign, Cindy McCain has seemed somewhat brittle and distant, especially compared to the more accessible Michelle Obama. Well The Onion has given us a closer look at Cindy, who, earlier this year told Newsweek she's "just like any other female human." She loves gardening, The Onion reports, and "spending a lazy Saturday in the sleep pod that delivers nutrients to her body during its nightly stasis period." And she wants to spend much of her resources on the children, because "humans in the larval stage need our care the most." Watch a video on the softer side of Cindy by clicking on her picture. [The Onion]Click to view
Cindy McCain Claims She�s �Just Like Any Other Female Human�

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Did anyone else read the NYTimes cover feature on her?? It made me feel bad for her. Apparently Mr. McCain is never around, never really has been, doesn't remember her birthday, wasn't there for family events, misses holidays and only sees her some weekends of the month. She is very lonely, apparently, and her mother buys presents for her birthday and says they are from John. Also, since McCain's first wife was so popular in Washington, she was/is mostly snubbed there, several times even arriving at events to find her name tag with the first wife's name on it and nobody wanting to sit at her table. Kinda makes you feel bad, right?? Yeah, I know she married him, but the article paints her as a girl completely infatuated by a politician who ended up kind of abandoned in the process.