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Three Women Attack Man With Super Glue After They Discover He's Been Three-Timing Them

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A married man suffered the wrath of three angry women when his wife informed them that not only was he married, but he was cheating on all three of them. Enraged, the women sought revenge.

According to Andrea Canning of ABCNews, one of the three women, Therese Ziemann, tricked the man into being blindfolded and bound in a hotel room, "with the promise of a massage." Once the man was tied down, the other two women arrived to help Ziemann physically and verbally abuse the man by slapping him, taunting him, and applying "Krazy Glue to sensitive body parts." Yikes. The man was also allegedly a con artist, meeting the women on Craigslist and bilking them out of thousands of dollars.

While I'm sure this story will circulate on the internet with a sort of sick "don't mess with the ladies!" fist-pumping glee, I have to say I find this whole thing pretty damn disturbing. The man was a tool, yes, and clearly betrayed the trust of all four women by starting relationships with them without being open and honest about his prior commitments and swindling them out of their money, but comments on the ABCNews piece like these:

it's no less than the sorry #### deserves.... maybe he will think before he does it again.... way to go Ladies!!!! Revenge is a dish best served cold and they sure did

I have no sympathies for the guy. He deserved all he got. And he's lucky to be alive. Cheating on his wife, cheating on three women, holy cr@p!! Men like this should'nt be married at all, just go to massage places or 42nd street in New York. I hope the jury does give the women metals. Yes definately Sisterhood in action, well put gerryuk.

I guess he just got what he deserved!~ HAHAHAHAHA! this is too funny

leave a pretty bad taste in my mouth. It's not really "sisterhood in action" when three women tie a dude down and super glue his genitals in the name of revenge. It's assault, and it's fairly disturbing. The sad part of this story is that these women felt that this was the only (or, perhaps, the best) way to get their "revenge" on someone who had betrayed them on multiple levels, as the system is not set up, I suppose, to protect those who are easily preyed upon by charming swindlers. This whole story is just sad and awful on multiple levels, and though the world will probably embrace it as a tale of sweet revenge and a type of victory, I think it's safe to say that everyone involved here is going to come out a loser.


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