Three Teenage Girls in Canada Arrested for Running a Prostitution Ring

When it comes to sex trafficking, teenage girls are normally the victims not the perpetrators. But a horrifying new case in Canada has turned that all on its head. Three teenage girls in Ottawa stand accused of running a prostitution ring in which they abducted other young women and forced them to have sex with clients. Just when you think the world can't get any worse, it does.

Two of the suspects, who are both 15, have already been arrested, but a third girl, 17, is still being sought by police. They discovered the ring after police investigated three separate incidents involving teenage girls who were lured to a house in Ottawa and then "delivered up" to adult clients. Luckily, they realized they were all connected and managed to figure out who was responsible very quickly.


It seems the suspects tricked their victims into coming to the house by asking them to meet "for social reasons." That's about as nefarious as it gets, since the victims probably wouldn't suspect that a girl their own age would be trying to abduct them so they could pimp them out. After the victims arrived at the house, it appears at least some of them were drugged, and they were then driven to other parts of the city and forced to perform sexual acts for paying adult clients. That is some extremely pure evil.

Naturally, the police were appalled to learn that a group of teen girls was behind the plot. Staff Sgt. John McGetrick said of their crimes,

It's shocking, quite frankly. We asked the RCMP, who take the lead on human-trafficking, and they didn't know of any similar case in Canada.


While it's tempting to believe that a bunch of kids could only achieve this with adult help, McGetrick said it's believed the girls were acting completely on their own.

At the moment, their names are not being released because of their young age, but McGetrick says the police may try to release further information about them soon. The two girls who have been arrested are facing multiple charges, including human trafficking, procuring, abduction, robbery, forcible confinement and sexual assault. One of them has also been charged with "administering a noxious substance." There may also be charges filed against the johns involved after further investigation is complete. While it may make good fodder for an episode of SVU, let's hope this is the last we ever see of teen-on-teen trafficking.


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Image via Angelina Dimitrova/Shutterstock.

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