Three-Legged Dog Is Criminal Mastermind, Robs Local Pet Store of Valuable Snausage Supply

I've had foster dogs who've spent time on the streets, and they are scrappy. When you've had to hustle for food, you become incredibly resourceful. I've had dogs who could open fridges, unscrew specially made "unbreakable" dog food containers, and literally knock me over to get at half a burrito hidden in a bush.

Because of these reasons, I'm especially impressed with three-legged wonder dog, Oscar, who was caught on video thieving treats from a pet store. Look at him go, he's so stealthy and creative, what a champ! Before he could completely rob the nice people at the pet store dry (of dry food), he was caught. Turns out, Oscar was an escapee from the people who were watching him while his owners vacationed. He's now at the city pound awaiting their return, and I think we all need to keep tabs on his ass to make sure his family comes to get him/he doesn't rob a bank. If they don't show, I'm flying him first class straight to my lap because I gotta give that little outlaw all the scratches and hugs.


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