Three Fun Facts About 'Well Dressed' Alleged Groper Karl Vanderwoude [Updated]

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Update, 5/7/12: Charges have been dropped, thanks to Vanderwoude's solid alibi.

Cops have finally made an arrest in their hunt for the "well dressed" groper who allegedly assaulted four different Manhattan-based women in two months: Karl Vanderwoude, 26, a Park Slope resident and staffer at MVision Private Equity Advisers Limited, an international financial firm. Vanderwoude has been charged with forcible touching and unlawful surveillance. But who is the suavely-suited fellow with the Chris Noth brows? We grabbed some screencaps from his Twitter and LinkedIn pages before they started to go offline.


1. Before he worked in finance (as an operations coordinator), he was a public relations/special events coordinator and then an executive assistant at Saks Fifth Avenue. Maybe that explains the exemplary fashion sense?

2. He was a "highly dependable, punctual, thorough and detail oriented" executive/sales coordinator at 60 Thompson Hotels, according to his former boss, Nico Hallwass, who wrote him a praise-filled LinkedIn review last June. "It was a delight working with him and I can highly recommend him to any future employer." We contacted Hallwass but he declined to comment.


3. He likes Boy Cîroc and Blue Ribbon fried chicken.

Image via Twitter.

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