Three-Breasted Woman's 3rd Boob Looks Fake as Hell in Video Interview

When the story of Jasmine Tridevil, a young woman who claims she dropped $20,000 on several surgeries to install a third breast in her chest, went viral, a local Florida news team took it upon themselves to get down to the bottom of it. By asking to see it.


Tridevil lifted her shirt up for all of two seconds, revealing the middle breast—which by the way, doesn't look like human skin in that light—and not revealing the point at which the purported boob is attached. When the investigative action news reporter asked if she could " hold it up a little longer so we can get a better shot of it," she stated that she didn't feel comfortable with it just yet. Because it's in the sixth episode of her self-produced reality show that she's shopping around. I guess this lil' M. Night Shyamalan, who allegedly filmed her surgery didn't want to give away the ending.

For all the haters who believe Tridevil's boob is all a hoax, chances are it's probably a hoax. One big indicator is that all of the images in circulation (aside from the interview above) are from Tridevil herself. Over at Daily Dot, EJ Dickson spoke with a couple plastic surgeons who flatly deny that Tridevil's extra breast could have turned out the way it did, claiming:

The problem is, says Schulman, that this surgery will "not give the results that are shown in [Tridevil's] photos."

"This technique would create a tight, round breast in the center of the chest," he said. "Also, all three breasts will likely be connected because it would be impossible to create and maintain separation between all three round structures. The photos show a soft, pendulous breast that is clearly separate from the right and left breast. She essentially has a hanging breast, and it is just not reflective of what we would be able to expect from this reconstruction procedure."

Another doctor highlighted more ethical concerns with this third boob thing:

"In addition to it just plain being bizarre, the potential ethical implications of performing this surgery could possibly get a real plastic surgeon in hot water with one of the two prominent plastic surgery societies, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS),"


Also, urban myth buster, revealed that Tridevil's real name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler. If that name sounds familiar, the same Alisha Hessler had a man, who assaulted her for rebuffing his sexual advances, stand on the side of a road holding a sign that read, "I BEAT WOMEN—HONK IF I'M A SCUMBAG" to avoid being arrested.


The Manta page for her massage parlor Alisha's Golden Touch now reads "Provider of Internet Hoaxes" and "Specialist in massage for three-breasted women." But what does Tridevil have to say about all this? She posted a response to her Facebook page this morning:

Everyone keeps sending me this snopes article. Why? Yes, they have my real name. Yes, the news story last December is true, and yes, I was arrested for using someone elses i.d. (attempting to get in a club). I was underage and wanted to get drunk lol



Case for hoax: Screenshots from the video interview. That boob looks like a pantyhose filled with cotton. That boob looks like a painted balloon. That boob looks fake as hell.


Images via WTSP.

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