Thousands of Confused Californians Accidentally Registered to an Ultra Conservative Party

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Are you a free-spirited Californian who wanted to stick it to the brah by saying, “Nah, thanks brah,” to political parties and registering as an independent? You might have been one of the tens of thousands of state voters who accidentally registered for the American Independent Party (AIP)—an ultra conservative fringe party that supports, among other things, “Our Great Pro-Life Constitution.”


An L.A. Times investigation found that three in four registered AIP members didn’t actually intend to register for the party, including a number of left-leaning celebrities like Demi Moore, Kaley Cuoco, and Emma Stone.

“The views of this party do not accurately reflect my personal beliefs and I am not affiliated with any political party,” said Cuoco. “As such, I am taking the necessary steps to immediately remove my name as a member of this voting party.”

“Demi Moore is not, nor has ever been, a member of the American Independent Party,” said one of Moore’s reps. Stone also confirmed to the Times that the actress plans to re-register before the June election.

Voters who accidentally registered as AIP will not be allowed to vote for the candidate they’d like to make it to the general election—Republicans will have a closed primary (meaning only registered Republicans can vote), while Democrats will allow party members and voters registered as having “no party preference”—in other words, actual registered independents.

The Associated Press reports:

The American Independent Party’s roots date to 1967 when George Wallace, a segregationist, launched his second run for the White House. Wallace, who had run as a Democrat in 1964, helped create the party and ran on its ticket. Today, that party exists only in California.

“We’re not segregationist anymore,” said Markham Robinson, who serves as chairman of the American Independent Party’s executive committee. “What we are now is a conservative, constitutionalist party.”


The party’s website, which looks like it was also built in 1967, lists among its many principles “The Protection of Life, and the Duties and Rights of Families,” “Marriage Between a Man and a Woman,” and “Opposition to Illegal Immigration and Support of Secure Borders.”

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