Though we're quick to mock the folks over at Vogue and W's sister site, they get a gold star for this one. With Rachel Zoe and Victoria Beckham both putting out books on the rules of style, editors decided to pit Posh and Raisin-Face's pearls of wisdom against old school style authoress Anne Fogarty, best known for her book Wife Dressing. Par example: while Beckham says that denim "[m]ore than any other piece of clothing, jeans can show off your figure to its best" and Zoe insists that "jeans can be worn in a mile-long list of scenarios," Fogarty shows these bitches who is boss: "Blue jeans should stay in the old corral or come out only for square dancing, moonlight beach parties, or painting the back-yard furniture." Even better, while Zoe and Beckham sing their giant bug-eyed sunglasses praises, Fogarty says in her vintage guide, "Unless under a doctor's orders to be a lady in the dark, a woman wearing sun glasses indoors or at night looks like nothing more than a satire of a Hollywood glamor queen — grade B." Snap! []


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