Thomas Gross and Sami Miro Are Now Single

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In a shocking one-two punch of celebrity breakups, Us Weekly reported Monday that both Thomas Gross and Sami Miro are now single. The magazine’s “exclusive sources” confirmed through their tears that Gross and his girlfriend have split up after a year of dating, as well as the devastating news that Miro and her boyfriend have parted ways after nearly two.

In a piece published Sunday evening, The Hollywood Life discovered that Miro’s ex recently unfollowed her on Instagram, after which he committed the unforgivable act of deleting every single photo of her from his own account. “Plus,” they write, “rumors are swirling that she allegedly cheated on him while at Coachella.” In an environment with that much sun and fringe, are we really that surprised?

In a parallel universe, Life & Style reports the breakup of Gross and his ex was due to their uncompromising work ethics. Said a source:

“They are both friends and remain close but with their busy work schedules and the long distance it just got too difficult. She will be back in Ibiza for her DJ residency all summer and he has to be in Switzerland for his work, it’s an impossible situation.”


Tell me about it.

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