Thomas Beatie Gives Birth • Pro-Choice Doctor To Receive Canada's Highest Honor

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie gave birth to baby girl today via Cesarean natural birth! Congrats! • Two prominent female activists from the group Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise have been detained for 6 weeks for peacefully protesting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. • A Canadian doctor and Holocaust survivor who fought to legalize abortion in Canada will receive the country's highest civilian honor despite condemnation from anti-choice advocates. • A new art exhibit aims to break Western depictions of Muslim and Arab women by highlighting female artists (Muslim and non-Muslim) from the Islamic world.

Australian crime victims are demanding that convicted rapist Mike Tyson be barred from entering Australia and "totted out as a celebrity, like some kind of Mother Theresa." • Former Indian septic-tank cleaners and other female "untouchables" put on a fashion show at the U.N. honoring a for-profit organization to help untouchables. • A teen girl in Colorado is sentenced to 18 years in prison after killing her half-sister in a "Mortal Kombat" fight reenactment. • Bob Dylan's ex-girlfriend and muse (and the woman pictured with him on the iconic cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan) breaks her silence in a new memoir about the '60s. • Victims of a peeping tom case in Seattle are blamed by the peeper's wife for "putting on a show" because of their broken blinds. • Two more teens videotaped themselves beating up a fellow classmate and putting it on the internet. One word for these girls: idiots. • Gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace continues to run rampant in Bangladesh. • Game makers attempt to woo young girls with a new game that is essentially a lamer version of Guitar Hero.• Could the HPV vaccine cause teen paralysis? • Deliriously cute Leftovers video: ducklings in a bathtub!


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