This Woman's Hot Mugshot Will Shut Down the Internet

For anyone wondering how the internet would react if there was a hot female felon, I've got some important news for you: It went crazy. Jeremy Meeks may have started the trend, but he is no longer in the running for America's top mugshot. Model Angela Coates has taken his place.

Here's a full photo:


Coates, who isn't really a felon and was arrested for disorderly conduct in Georgia, has been blowing up the internet since her mugshot was posted on-line. It's pretty gross, actually, in the same way that the Jeremy Meeks fiasco was pretty gross, but I guess the general public can't see a hot person get arrested and not immediately sexualize them. Doesn't matter what they did, really. All that's important is they're hot and possibly need help. While Meeks' admirers set up a gofundme, Coates' suitors are, according to Uproxx, more interested in paying her bail. I guess so that they can also pick her up from jail? What is the reasoning here? Sure, she's attractive, but why does that make her any more deserving of bail offers than anyone else? Come on, public, let's all calm down for a second. You're too late anyway, because Coates was booked and released on the same night in August, but you know don't let that stop you from offering to pay her bail anyway.

Here's one tweet, reported by The Mirror:

"If you're not committed to setting Angela Coates free, you're either a loser or your gf [girlfriend] is looking at all of your tweets."

Or, you know, you could just not be rushing to set someone free just because they're cute. But that could just be the jealousy talking. No one's going to rush to pay my bail if I ever get arrested. Coates isn't interested in the attention, either, stating that people who are tweeting about this have way too much free time on their hands. Agree. Find a hobby, America!

Image via Uproxx

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