Yes, this one's for all of you gathered around your TV sets, hushing everyone in the room and anxiously checking your DVR's record settings to make sure everything is a go for tonight's True Detective finale.

Tonight is the night we find out (maybe?) who the Yellow King is. (Pffft, diehard fans already know.) To mark the end of the show, rather than regurgitating theories about how the show will end, I thought I would share with you some of the gorgeous, fan-created True Detective art. The last thing I drew was a map to help a friend get to my apartment. She said it looked like something a monkey would draw in a violent rage. So yeah, I'm mad jelly at talent exhibited here in this work.

Via I Have a Hunger Tumblr:

Nagy Norbert:

Peter Breese:

Andery Pankov:

Azahara Blue:

Spoke Art (this image is also available as a poster):

Additional contributions by C.A. Pinkham