This Week We Wondered If Tina Fey Reached The Tipping Point

  • Tina Fey finally dished about her mysterious scar in Vanity Fair and we wondered whether she'd be famous if she hadn't glammed up.
  • Speaking of celebrity makeovers, Britney had her umpteenth comeback, and though her weave was clean, the sparkle in her eye was gone.
  • Scarlett Johansson never needed a makeover because she's actually a clone.
  • True story: Nicole Kidman actually cloned herself and had the cyborg clone carry her baby so she wouldn't have to get fat or give up botox. Everyone in Australia swears this is fact.
  • Non-cloned stars like Anne Hathaway are just like us! They get flustered when they meet ultimate nerd crush Jon Stewart.
  • Private Monica Brown won the silver star and haters are still trying to bring her down. Jon Stewart would never do that.
  • Nuclear Wintour was rumored, but Anna herself denied that she was leaving the editor slot at Vogue.
  • Guys, it's Friiiday. So cut your ball hair grab a Chow Chow and relax. You've earned it!

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