This Week We Were Not Afraid To Be Servicey

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  • Even though working during a beautiful summer's day is the pits, it's the weekend, y'all! So enjoy your damn selves.

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@PhillyLass: It's not the restaurant, it's the duck. Here's a (kinda gross actually) explanation of how it's cooked from Wikipedia:

"Fattened ducks are slaughtered, feathered, eviscerated and rinsed thoroughly with water. Air is pumped under the skin through the neck cavity to separate the skin from the fat. The duck is then soaked in boiling water for a short while before it is hung up to dry. While it is hung, the duck is glazed with a layer of maltose syrup, and the innards are rinsed once more with water. Having left to stand for 24 hours, the duck is roasted in an oven until it turns shiny brown.

and oh.mah.god. is it good! I ate soooooo much I started to feel like a glutton. I even ate after everyone else stopped and had dessert. And I'll probably have popcorn at the movies. I am never ever going to lose this pregnancy weight!