This Week We Were Drunk On Spinsters And Veeps

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  • Happy New Year, little Jewzebels. It's starting off pretty rocky, but we guided you through the rough shoals of the VP debates with a steady hand and a drunken heart.
  • This Palin supporter sounded like she was drunk with her garbled endorsement of the moosetest with the mostest.
  • Times are tough for this country, and for weepy Prodge Run contestants.
  • You know who always has a stiff upper lip and a lot of fun? "Spinsters."
  • Thankfully we can reminisce fondly about the days before we knew what a mortgage was. Check out the Jezebel school pictures and remember this: the older they are, the cuter they ain't.
  • You know what else ain't cute? Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she gets all yelly.
  • Even less cute: a mother and son who do it. That's like, the inverse of cute. That's etuc.
  • You know, some people think Michael Cera and his Earnest Fumbling Manchildren are pretty adorable, but we beg to differ.
  • We might be irked by EFMs, but they're still more enlightened than what ladies had to put up with in the days of Joan Holloway.
  • But you know, it's Friday, and guess what? WEEKEND JEZEBEL is here! So kick back, relax, and enjoy the new content.



Um, is anyone getting laid off around here? I'm pretty bummed out about Moe leaving Gawker.