This Week We Talked Prostitutes, Poops, And Panties

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  • Whatevs to all that. It's spring break y'all! Pour some out for the homies and have a good weekend.

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...Did Eliot Spitzer really expose Silda to sti's within those (how many years) of using prostitutes?

What a fucking asshole. That would be the icing/sprinkles on the cake. It would be no less offensive if he had three sons, but some how, if he conducted himself like that when for his three daughters (it sucks being a girl—so much for teaching his daughters to demand some consideration from the men in their lives), that makes it at least a little more disasteful. It sucks enough being a girl; if parents present at least one picture of gender dynamics with children as the audience, it sucks when your your father being a hypocrite and screws over your mother more ways than one.

Maybe he was nothing special politically but it seemed he at least had some typical lefty views on woman's rights (abortion and I distinctly remember a big hullabaloo about a new human trafficking/child prostitution law he passed that would try to stop the trend of treating minors, if not adult prostitutes under similarly shitty circumstances, like accomplices). So much for the whole "reform plan."