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This Week We Loved Our Moms, Our Undies, Ourselves

Illustration for article titled This Week We Loved Our Moms, Our Undies, Ourselves
  • We agreed we would lie to our kids about our debauched pasts. There will be fewer than eighteen of them, trust.
  • You could do a lot of debaucherous damage with these crazy underoos from the International Male folks.
  • We didn't just talk about International Males, we discussed international and race relations, and vowed to try harder.
  • We also gave some real talk about sex writing.
  • More real talk: forgetting there's a tampon in your twat.
  • We got to know virgin-hoarding cult leader Michael Travesser and his band of wack jobs.
  • We got some LOLs out of douchefessionals John Fitzgerald Page and Paul Janka.
  • We said goodbye to our own Jennifer, who is departing for greener Polo pastures. She will be missed!
  • This weekend, pour one out for all the white wine drinking, on-the-toilet phone talking, track suit wearing mommas out there. Happy Mothers Day, moms; we love you!

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I am very new to this blog and I have to say that reading this summary has proven that I am thrilled that I found it. Thanks, and have a great weekend everyone.

And, by the way. I will NOT be completely honest with my children(two girls) about my past. Hell, I am not completely honest with myself about it.

Take care, and keep the wit coming.