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This Week, People Scared Us And We Scared People

Illustration for article titled This Week, People Scared Us And We Scared People

• We met an Austrian man who locked his daughter and their children in his cellar for 24 years. Sometimes the eyebrows can reveal the psychopath inside! • Sometimes we eat our trash, it is sort of like recycling! • We told old people to get off Facebook or at least un-tag us from unflattering boozy pictures! • Miley posed in a sort-of sexual picture in Vanity Fair, Disney blamed the lesbian. • But where was the widespread outrage when Annie Leibovitz was casually racist, again and again and again? • Tyra introduced us to a dad who not only pimps out his daughter but also gives her at-home bikini waxes. • We met 5 types of extreme shoppers, all of them annoying! • We met some scrappy young sorority girls who brand pledges in the groin with forks. • We took a look back at our favorite Tyra episodes with almost as much glee as she has in talking about herself. • We told Elisabeth Hasselbeck to STFU already. • We found out we aren't in a recession! But the world is going to shit. • Oh yeah! And Mimi got married! And, uh Latina magazine broke the story?


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And the Best Week Ever goes to LATINA magazine for coming out of left field with a "big" story before anyone else.

I still bet Ashton Kutcher is giggling to himself because once again "he's got us all". bleh.