Paris: Land of delectable pastries, breathtaking art, and stylish women working the cobblestone streets. Don't you want to go to there?

Well, when acclaimed photographer Steven Taylor landed in Paris — to take part in our tech-obsessed brother Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge — he immediately called up his friend Val, who happened to be in town. Together, they wandered the streets while capturing the city's style in pictures (yes, we all want his job).


Steven isn't one to sit still — he's the kind of photographer who likes to shoot and edit on the go. Because of his Ultrabook's barely-there bulk, he was able to tote it around town without even thinking about it, and break it out for on-the-fly edits and uploads. Bonus: The computer's epic battery life meant he could spend all day out without a hotel pit stop (or begging a bistro manager for an open outlet). One night, Steven and Val moved straight from an all-day shooting session to a restaurant. When they were done with their dishes, he was able to slide the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook out of his satchel and get to work then and there, with plenty of power left to spare.

Want more? Head over to Gizmodo on August 21, when Steven will be stopping by the comments to take your questions about his process and gear, and show off more shots from his Parisian adventure.


Seth Porges is a New York-based writer, editor, on-air commentator, and entrepreneur.

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