This Video of Belugas Jamming out to Bagpipes Is Almost Too Much

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Last week down at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, something magical happened. Scottish smallpiper Tom Leigh decided to serenade a tank of beluga whales, and three of them, Juno, Naluark and Kela, stopped to give a listen. Honestly, as much as I want these creatures to be appreciating the music, confirming a whale-human soul connection every kid who watched Free Willy has desperately wished for, I'm pretty sure these whales are silently thinking "LOL HOOMINS TURN THAT SHIT DOWN" and judging us.

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Well, I'm charmed. That is really lovely. I love seeing the reactions of non-human animals to music. My cat, for example, really loves the acoustic guitar, zithers, various modes of chanting, Baroque opera, and classic jazz. A wounded screech owl that my partner and I rescued and transported to a raptor rescue seemed to enjoy Finnish accordion music but became agitated when we switched to American folk music. (Perhaps a coincidence, but I like to think it had something to do with his musical predilections.)

Here's a video of some amused cows being treated to a Dixieland Jazz concert. :)

(You can watch the whole concert, separated into two parts, here.)