You know that feeling when you wake up next to someone you've just met and there's nothing you can do to escape them because you're at your house? Next time you're trapped because you chose convenience over comfort, play your hook-up this video and bid them goodbye.


Daniel Franzese (yes, Damian!) and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus have taken Sam Smith's melancholy tune about staying together forever (or something; it's so depressing that I've never listened to the whole thing) and turned it into an anthem about the internal monologue one has after an ill-advised one night stand. Not that there's anything wrong with one night stands. It's just that sometimes they want to spend the entire day with you. And they also want to use your toothbrush. And your deodorant. WHY WON'T YOU JUST GO HOME, DUDE? I have so much TV to watch and a pizza to eat that isn't going to order itself.

Bye, Felicia.

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