This Video Is Here To Recruit You

The Gay Alphabet video at left lists the 26 things that "will make you gay," from Brokeback Mountain, to Elton John, to handlebar mustaches.

The video was created as an art project to parody what a gay recruitment campaign might look like, according to the description on YouTube, since "right wing groups and the church argue that the very existence of gay publications and groups effectively advertise, glamorise and recruit people into the gay lifestyle." The fact that the video looks like it would fit right in on an episode of Sesame Street must make it particularly frightening for people who believe that too much exposure to Tinky Winky could turn a child gay. [Ad Rants]

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Yay, that was fun! Except, was any one else really creeped out by Julie Andrews just floating in space....all alone. *shudder*