This Veteran Reuniting with Bomb-Sniffing Dog Will Leave You in Tears

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Two years ago, Sgt. Jason Bos said goodbye to the bomb-sniffing dog he worked with while on deployment in Iraq.


Bos had to leave Cila, who he nicknamed "Cici" in 2012, when a back injury forced him to retire from the Army. But he never forgot her and eventually took steps to adopt the chocolate Lab. Via the Chicago Tribune:

Over nearly five years, Bos and [MWD Cila M389]— MWD stands for Military Working Dog, and M389 is the identification number tattooed in her ear — had forged a bond as they searched for roadside bombs and hidden weapons caches in Iraq, and screened sites for presidential visits across the U.S. Their partnership ended when a back injury forced Bos to leave the Army in 2012.

Cila was just 5 years old, and still had time to serve as a military dog. While Bos headed home to Michigan, Cila remained on active duty.

Bos, 33, did not know if he'd ever reunite with Cila. But a month ago, he saw on Facebook that Cila was due to be retired. He was thrilled when the kennel master at his former base contacted him to see if he wanted to adopt her.

"I said 'Yes. What do I have to do?'" Bos said.

After filling out the paperwork, Bos contacted American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue for help with the expense of bringing Cila from Germany

"I hope she remembers my voice," Bos said the day before he went to meet her.

On Wednesday, the pair reunited. It's hard to tell just who exactly was more excited about this whole thing—-Bos or Cila. Watch the video and decide for yourself:

Screencap via YouTube.



I "know" someone (we are both contractors for the same company, and follow each other on Twitter) who is a military wife ... Navy, I think. She HATES these things. Calls them "reunion porn" and argues against them every chance she gets (soldier coming home to dog, soldier surprising kid at basketball game, etc.). I love them and even though I'm not a cry-y type person I often tear up. Can anyone confirm that most actual military members/families hate these videos? She's the only one I've seen bitching about them, and from what I can tell from her Twitter, she appears to hate pretty much everything. (I'd unfollow, but I've actually gotten some good inside intel on the company through her tweets.)