This Valentine's Day, Get Your Own Throbbing Manhood!

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...or quivering core! For the first time, you can get a same-sex personalized romance novel! But whatever way you swing, now you can be the star of some seriously purple prose.

Here's how it works. Books by You gives you a series of scenarios from which to choose (the new same-sex series are knows as Hot Blooded and Seduction Games. respectively.) Then you plug in your protagonists' names, their — or your — coloring — and, depending on the scenario, the names of your friends, enemies and assorted vampires.

The same-sex option came as a result of popular demand. So far there are only 2, but the company says there are more to come. The first two, however, sound highly intriguing. Says Books by You,

In Hot Blooded, our two heroes take on the classic dark fantasy roles of an immortal vampire and the mortal man who tantalizes him. Torn between desire and the knowledge that giving in to temptation means certain doom for both, our tortured duo struggle to fight their sizzling chemistry… but destiny has some unusual twists in store!

In Seduction Games, our heroines are contestants on a reality TV game show. As they clash and compete for a million dollar prize, the heat of the tropical sun and constant spotlight of the TV cameras can't compare to the heat between these rival contestants. From brainteasing puzzles to physical challenges, the women fight to win — but lose the fight against their desire for each other. Are their feelings real, or is it just part of a game?


Best part? The BooksbyYou website allows you to generate a preview. So I did. And apologies to my fiance, but for our Love's Next Door purposes my love interest is Richard Armitage. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem that into my character, despite her forwardness.

"Sadie, what's going on?" Richard asked, as he slowly spun her around attempting to keep a clear view of his table. "What's with this game you're playing?" All he wanted to do was end the dance and get back to his girlfriend Baio.

Sadie laid her head on his shoulder, positioning her lips a breath away from his neck, her long, light brown hair gently brushing against his cheek. Without missing a beat, she answered, "I'm not up to anything," she said innocently. "It's been a long time since I've seen you and I just wanted to say hello and have a dance with my buddy. Is there any harm in that?"

He didn't believe her - not in a New York minute. "Wrong answer," he said, his impatience growing.

Sadie gently brushed her warm, wet lips against his neck.

"Stop that!" he pleaded, glancing again at Baio to see if she was watching. His girlfriend's eyes glared back at him from their table. She hadn't missed a thing. The glance spoke volumes - the rest of the evening was going to be hell.

Sadie, once again, moved her lips ever so slowly along his neck. "That bothers you?" she said, in a soft, sultry voice. . .

Books By You [Official Site]

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A friend of mine got me their "Pirates of Desire" for my 30th birthday. It still ranks among my top all time birthday presents — it's hard to beat having a book that makes you a lady at court who runs away to have Sexy Adventures with the notorious pirate D'Brickashaw (who secretly turns out to be the missing duke, of course).

It's also the gift that keeps on giving — I gave another friend the vampire one a month later. She gave her friend the reality TV themed one a month after that.