This Thursday, We'll Be Giving Thanks for NYU's White Student Union

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New York University has a new club called the “NYU White Student Union.” Yes, you read that correctly.


Students aren’t sure if the Facebook group that began on Friday is real or a joke, but there are 250 members and plenty of baffled commenters, according to the New York Daily News.

The group’s authenticity has not been confirmed. Some social media users pointed to a 4Chan post from Sunday as proof the page might be a sick joke. The anonymous post calls for Internet trolls to make “European students union” pages at “the most leftist colleges and universities in the western world.”

The Facebook page’s founder spoke to The Tab anonymously, saying that white voices are being “systematically vilified,” while the page itself boasts this message:

Just a reminder that this page does not support racialized hate of any kind. This page is about celebrating whiteness, not denigating [sic] others. We hope that other groups can agree with this and come together to support all students of all colors celebrating their identity.

The aforementioned post is preceded by another highlighting a Breitbart article entitled “Report: Black Lives Mater Protestors Assault Students At Dartmouth, Hurl Racial Epithets- ‘Fuck You, You Filthy White Fucks!’” with the caption “And we are supposed to believe that white people face no racialized hatred or threats of violence on campus?”

In another post that references an article hoping to “fix NYU’s diversity issues,” the word “diversity” itself is questioned: is it “a discriminatory term against whites?” Richly, there’s also a post about Rachel Dolezal, saying, “No one should feel so ashamed that they try to be a member of another race. This is offensive to others, but also to your own race.”


At NYU, white people make up 38.5 percent of the student body—the largest ethnic group at the school by far.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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