Map Your Birth Control Costs

Why do birth control costs vary so widely? Listen to a segment on The Brian Lehrer Show (with Clear Health Costs) and then look up how much your brand costs (cash or self-pay prices) in your area.



This still blows my mind. My insurance covered my mirena so, unlike the $200.00 I paid out of pocket for implanon before Obamacare changed things, I paid $63.00 of the nearly $3000.00 costs. That covered the pregnancy test they had to run and the actual consult. I was glad to pay it. But the reality is that while my insurance generally sucks, it is far better to have it than to not.

I can't imagine paying $90-$140.00/month for the pills that I used to take in high school and college before the pills stopped working to control what we now know is endometriosis properly. It's shameful. I need to be on hormones to save myself a LOT of pain.

Even for just pregnancy prevention, they are very expensive. Cheaper than a baby, sure, but still!