This Response to Homophobic Bigots Is So On Point It Bleeds

As we all know, the holidays are an excellent time for people to express their feelings for one another and become closer with friends old and new. For some people, however, that's difficult and they choose to be destructive dicks. This response to such fuckery, though, is the perfect way to shut down any homophobic bigot.

Posted on imgur by a friend of the gay couple who had their door defaced, this photo shows what a classy, funny and educational response looks like in the face of hatred and discrimination. Because you know what? Fuck your homophobia, heterosexism or whatever it is we're calling it these days. If you're going to have hateful thoughts, fine, whatever, no one can stop you, but to ruin someone's property? Perhaps it's time to see about that therapy everyone keeps talking about so much. It really does work!


Perhaps, of course, the people scratching shit on doors didn't even know who lived in the apartment and were just writing "faggot" in the same way they'd write "bitch" or "idiot" or "asshole." That doesn't make it any better, but it also points to the fact that we need to really think about how we use language and what words are used to insult. As a gay man in San Francisco, I suffer from homophobic attacks very rarely, and half the time the person hurling the epithets doesn't even have any idea of my sexual orientation, like the guy who tried to cut my partner and me off in traffic on Tuesday night and told us we were "nasty faggots" and that he'd "ram our car and fuck us up our worthless asses." He didn't care about our sexual orientation, he just wanted to emasculate us. And that's why responses like this are needed (as long as there aren't any safety issues).


Two snaps to the guys who wrote this and a couple more for their flashy wreath.

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