Won't you please help the Audubon Society keep watch over some fluffy little puffin chicks?

According to the AP (h/t the Daily Dot), the Audubon Society has teamed up with Explore.org to establish a trio of puffin cams off the coast of Maine, where the puffin population has dwindled to around a thousand pairs. You can pick from a burrow, a boulder berm and a "loafing ledge." They'd like volunteers to watch the streams and snap a photo for researchers whenever it's feeding time for the chicks. "Through these cameras we can learn about how climate is affecting the well being of seabirds on remote islands," the project's director told the AP.

Which is obviously the only justification you need to keep these streams on your computer, 24/7. It's for the puffins, and for Mother Nature, and also the future.