Did you have any career plans as a preschooler? Probably not; at that age, most of us aspire to little more than cookies for dinner and cartoons all day, every day.

Not the kid in this brief video via UpRoxx, who's a real role model for adults and children alike. At his preschool graduation, he takes his little diploma, strolls up to the microphone, and cooly announces to all those assembled that, "I wanna be Batman."


You keep that dream, kiddo. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't be Batman, just because you didn't watch a desperate criminal kill your parents and you don't have a kindly butler named Alfred. All you need is a mask and a dream (and also lots of gadgets, as many gadgets as possible).

Between Gotham's aspiring savior and this toddler dressed up as Predator, the under-five demo is really killing it this week. Let's step it up, adults, we're being crushed by babies.

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