This Photo of Sad Kanye on Vacation Speaks for Indoor Kids Everywhere

As a teen, I spent a good part of family vacations sulking. Part of it was just me being bratty, but mostly, it's that I've never really been one for planned activities. I'd always rather watch TV in my hotel room or go for a walk alone than be expected to participate in forced fun like water rafting or singing in the Kellerman's Resort end of season talent show.

Of course, everything changed for me when I met and fell in love with a rough-around-the-edges member of Kellerman's entertainment staff — a man named Johnny Castle who taught how to use my body for both love-making and dance — but that's a story for another day! We're here to talk about this photo of Kanye:


The Imgur caption: "Found it in a random zip-lining office in the middle of Mexico. They took it, and I don't think it's ever been online..."

Thank you, Kanye West, for so perfectly embodying the look and attitude of any kid who's ever felt unhappy during a family vacation. We needed a patron saint and you gave us one.

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