Can you imagine if all of these things were together in one movie? You would leave the theater hyperventilating and hitting yourself with your slap bracelet to make sure you were all right. (RIP slap bracelets.)

Wil Wheaton pokes fun at the rash of new movies that feature characters from your childhood (Is Candyland really a thing that is happening? I can't bring myself to believe it) by imagining what it would be like if there was one movie that ruled them all. And I'm just going to be honest with you: Any movie that prominently features The Bedazzler, a Tamagotchi and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets (do you remember when Sizzler introduced those?) would win my $12.

I'm also on eBay trying to purchase The Bedazzler right now. What have you done to me, nostalgia? What have you done to me?