This month's Marie Claire features the class of Asra Nomani at Georgetown University where the students are trying to learn one thing โ€” the identities of the men who participated in the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002. (Pearl and his wife Marianne were staying at Nomani's home in Pakistan when he was killed, so she has more of an academic interest in the project.) Nomani's mostly female students have pinpointed the real identities of 15 of the 19 suspected participants that remain at large and gotten their hands on (and shared with the FBI) the full original video of Pearl's grisly murder. But the real question is how in just 2 years Nomani figured out more of the case than the FBI? Oh, right, they don't care anymore โ€” they got two of the guys, after all. Who cares about the other 19? [Marie Claire]