This Man's Name Could Not Be Any More Perfect For His Mugshot

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A Connecticut man was arrested in Bridgeport last week in connection to an armed robbery committed in June. Aside from the fact that he now faces charges of first-degree robbery and sixth-degree larceny, his name has also been picked up by the internet and it's almost as good as Crystal Metheney. (but not quite.)

Lancelot Supersad Jr. (just going to pause there for a second to let that sink in) was apparently one of two men who entered The Residence Inn in late June and demanded money from the hotel clerk. One of the two men (possibly Supersad) brandished a firearm at the clerk. While no injuries were reported, Supersad and his accomplice did get away in a vehicle that was waiting for them outside. Police expect more arrests to be made soon.

I guess the good news for him is that he may become the next hot felon? He looks so sad in his mugshot photo that you almost want to start a gofundme account to get him out of jail and hand him a puppy as he exits. (Unless he's team cat, because then he gets nothing.) And if I don't wrap this up quickly, I may be just the person to start that account because I've already got that tab open.


Supersad is being held on $75,000 bail. He is expected in court today.

Mugshot via Death And Taxes

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This is the kind of name Jr./III/IV/V/XXXpleaseohplease generational suffixes were made for.