This Male Model Fell Over On The Runway

I want to stop laughing at the male model who fell over during the Newport Beach Film Festival fashion show (which for some reason exists, and is called "Fashion Island," which sounds like the name of a bad reality TV show, I'm thinking Stylista-cum-Temptation Island bad), but I just can't. Maybe it's that smug, "Hey girl" grin he gives the lady model right before he takes his divel? Or the fact that the dude fell over while wearing flat sandals? Maybe I shouldn't question it too much. I empathize and all — you can see from the shiny bottoms of his shoes that whoever styled the show forgot to mark up the soles for better traction; perhaps these were department-store clothes that had to remain in purchasable condition — but when things happen on stage that are not supposed to happen, people often find it funny. That's all.


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I think he handled it well! As someone who falls quite often, and often in public fora, I feel for this dude.