This Lent Will Be Live-Blogged

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The Huffington Post is apparently going to liveblog all 40 days of Lent. However, they will not be discussing the fact that Newt Gingrich is reportedly giving up dessert (guess he already gave up leaving sick wives for younger women?). Editor Paul Raushenbush says that even without political commentary, they'll have plenty to talk about — he plans to put up 10 posts a day. Why didn't Jesus think of this?


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Growing up in a Catholic family and my birthday being March 9th which falls in the middle of Lent makes me hate Lent with a flipping passion.

Every year when we go out for my birthday it can never be on a Friday (No meat) and we normally can't order dessert (Mom and sister always give up chocolate) and most everyone drinks water (they give up soda too). So a few years ago after hearing my dad say for the umpteenth time that 'it's about sacrifice' I decided to just go out with friends and eat and drink whatever the fuck I want. I always thought the no meat on Friday was dumb but I still give things up (this year is excessive spending) but I refuse to have my birthday ruined AGAIN.