This Lady Killer's Charisma Will Burn Right Through Your Screen

If you were one of the lucky people watching this piece about how great Centerville, Ohio is on Independence Day (because why wouldn't you? It's not like you were drinking or eating corn to celebrate FREEDOM), you may have already become acquainted with this teenage heartthrob who took over the interview with nothing more than some sly facial expressions.

No disrespect to Centerville (home of the best goshdarn parade in Ohio and like ten million times better than Cleveland), but the only thing viewers were paying attention to as two excited women extolled the virtues of that fair city was this young man who knew exactly what he was doing. Doesn't he just ooze charisma and confidence, though? I hope he's a nice kid because it would kill me if he were this smug in real life and doesn't just play a smug mugger in news reports. I also wish I had seen this on Independence Day while I was sick in bed and downing DayQuil, because there's no way this kid's emoting and sunglass tilt (is that what we call it?) wouldn't have made me feel just a tiny bit better and ten million more times patriotic. (WARNING: You may turn into a bald eagle about halfway through this clip.)


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