People magazine really likes sexy men. They also like beautiful people and intriguing people but sexy men – that's where it's at. This year, the sexy man they liked the most is Adam Levine. Congrats Adam! Let's figure out exactly what it is about you and your sexy peers that People likes so much – besides your very classically good looks, of course.

Men who feed the meter

I was walking down the street when I noticed a meter maid waiting for one meter to expire so she could write ticket. I felt the weight of a few quarters in my pocket and knew what needed to be done. I changed someone's life for the better that day. I caught an earful from the meter maid but I know my choice was righteous. - Channing Tatum

Men who love cats

When I have [my cat Penelope] around, I'm much calmer. - Gilles Marini

Men with good hair

My hair gets recognized before me. - Robin Thicke

Men who eat for the right reasons

I don't eat for pleasure, I eat for nutrients. - Scott Eastwood

Men who like enjoying themselves

I like enjoying myself. - Ed Sheeran

Men who are bad in bed

[Because of Masters of Sex] people want to talk to me about [sex] all the time. They think I'm some kind of expert, which I'm not. - Michael Sheen


Men who are good in bed

I'm a fairly worldly guy. - Jamie Dornan

Men who aren't too girly

People think actors use special creams–all I use is soap and water! - John Stamos


Men with foot fetishes

I grew up working in my dad's shoe store. What I find sexiest on a woman is a wedge. - James Wolk

Men who can appreciate a good forehead

I don't know what it is, but if a woman has a beautiful forehead, it always gets me. - Chadwick Boseman


Men who give back to the community

I listened to a friend in need [recently]. - Ashton Kutcher

Men who give back to kids with cancer

I met a teenager with terminal brain cancer and I told her to call me if she was having a bad day. I told her, "Tell your friends that Luke Bryan told you that you can call anytime you want." She doesn't call me enough, but I feel like it's special for her. - Luke Bryan


Men who make jokes

I've always believed acts of kindness are better when kept to yourself. I'm wary of people who trumpet their own good deeds. That being said, I feel pretty great about the new treatments and medicines I've created for the medical community, which I refuse to take credit for. - Justin Theoroux

Men who have children

Any time I can make my little girl smile makes me happy. - Chris Hemsworth

Men who want children

I love kids so much. I love seeing Lauren [his wife] hold any sort of baby. Just being able to hold a child that she and I have created would be incredible. - Aaron Paul


Men who are in the Hemsworth family

Family and friends are everything to me, so I try to be there for them and take care of them as much as I can. - Liam Hemsworth

Adam Levine

I don't like to be idle.

I've entered a certain airspace in my mind where I think to myself "This is great." And it doesn't need to be any better than this.

I enjoy being naked. I'm naked as much as possible.

I have a good cry every once in a while.

"If I could bottle up the chills that you give me, I would keep them in a jar next to my bed." That was the best line I ever wrote in my life.

I've looked the same basically since I was in high school.

Bread makes me want to go to sleep.

I don't think I'm quite as vain as everybody thinks...I see a physical therapist for massages because I work out so much. I draw the line at mani-pedis. You've got to retain some sort of masculine characteristics; you can't trim yourself into a tizzy and become a woman.


Adam Levine's tattoos

I don't do tattoos below the waist. You can't do the hands too. That's what you make things with. I'm tied to my hands.

When you have tattoos, you want to see them, and I'm pretty hairy, so someone recommended I wax...I do that and it's exceedingly painful.



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