This Japan Zoo's Escaped Zebra Drill Is a Jaw-Dropping Creative Triumph

Sometimes, news events take place that are difficult to put to words.

I will do my best, in spite of the veritable typhoon of shock and awe ripping its way through my hippocampus, to describe this Associated Press video of what must be the most specific emergency drill that has ever happened in the history of the modern world.

From the AP YouTube description, we learn: “Staff at a Japanese zoo staged an emergency drill on Tuesday simulating the recapture of an escaped zebra.” The video features a person in a full Zebra suit, wandering aimlessly and on two legs between safety nets held by zoo workers. He/she flounces through the net, injures a staff member, gets yelled at, then falls slowly to the ground after being shot by an invisible tranquilizer. Independent-minded zebras, you have been warned!!!!


Please just watch it.

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