This Is What the Oscars Will Play when Manic Pixie Dream Girl Gets Its Own Category

There have been a lot of memorable manic pixie dream girls over the years, and you can bet that when Zooey Deschanel climbs onstage at the 97th Academy Awards to present Best Manic Pixie Dream Girl in a Supporting Role in a 15-Minute Short Filmed in Nova Scotia, this is the sizzle reel that'll be playing on the screen behind her.

via Flavorwire

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

Oh, I take severe issue with Maria from The Sound of Music being classified as a manic pixie dream girl. The movie is about her, not Captain Von Trapp. The whole trope of the manic pixie dream girl is that the character only exists to provide a spiritual journey for the man, whose dreams and goals take priority. The Sound of Music starts and ends with Maria's journey. It's Maria's spirituality that goes through trials. It's Maria's spiritual arc that provides the narrative, no one else's. Maria plays second fiddle to no man in that film. An invented character whose sole purpose is to support the spiritual journey of the male protagonist she is not. Yes, she falls in love with a man. Yes, she makes life-altering choices in order to be with that man. But I always got the impression that she would have been fine on her own, and that she never went into any scenario with the idea of saving that man. It was the children she decided to save. Captain Von Trapp's gradual change was an added side benefit that she took no active role in.