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This Is What a Kim Kardashian Stand-In Does (Spoiler: Nothing)

Illustration for article titled This Is What a Kim Kardashian Stand-In Does (Spoiler: Nothing)

No one can truly replace Kim Kardashian in real life, but Irish model Shahira Barry did work as a stand-in for Kim one time on the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


In an interview with Today FM, Barry explained how she became Kim’s stand-in for a day, an opportunity that came about after casting agents noticed her in a Subway commercial.

“They thought I was the perfect look as someone’s stand-in and they didn’t tell me who it was,” says Barry. After getting a call sheet for an “E! promo,” Barry, a longtime Kardashian follower, made an educated guess.


The job turned out to be a commercial shoot for the upcoming season of KUWTK. The job was pretty simple: stand there. Just stand right there (while the crew tests for lighting).

“I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never stood in for anyone before,” says Barry. “I stood in for all the females.”

Barry—who says she’s has had “very, very small” roles in Ted 2 and True Detective—insists that she’s not a body double and that this was a one-time thing. Also, she did not quit teaching for this.


Barry says she also stood in for Khloe and Kylie and that once the Kardashian-Jenner clan arrived on set, her job was done.


The family, she says, is even more beautiful in person and Kim is “so sweet, so smiley.”

“They look the same as they do on TV, without any Photoshop or whatever,” says Barry. “They were exactly like they are on the television, which was a little bit weird because I felt like, oh my god I know these girls, they’re my friends.”


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