This Is The Real Face (and Chest) of Breast Cancer

Linda is a survivor of breast cancer and she wants you and the Susan G. Komen foundation to know exactly what that does and doesn't mean. It means fear, a double masectomy, radiation therapy that causes your skin to crack and bleed, and much more. What it doesn't mean is politics and religion. What a woman!

What Cancer Is, and It Is Not [Crooks and Liars]

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Anyone who's interested in the history of breast cancer fundraising should check out this book: Pink Ribbons, Inc. by Samantha King. One of the most interesting and distressing things I learned from reading it is that virtually NO money goes into researching causes anymore. It's all about funding more and more chemo drugs. So all the Komen bs about stopping cancer is just that — bs. Breast cancer won't be stopped by just coming up with more and more drugs. Why are women getting it in the first place? What are the environmental causes?

And yes, I had breast cancer. Stage IIIC. And now I have 6.5 years remission.