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This Is the Most Beautiful And Impractical Nail Art You've Ever Seen

Illustration for article titled This Is the Most Beautiful And Impractical Nail Art Youve Ever Seen

The last time I went to get my nails done, I paid $45 dollars for some kind of green tea infused wash that included rose petals, healing crystals and clear nail polish. If that kind of manicure costs almost 50 bucks, can you imagine how much this beautiful disaster must run? How about the person you need to hire to help you use the bathroom? That can't come cheap!


This picture, posted on Twitter today, is probably one of the most exciting pieces of nail art I've ever seen (I feel like a color commentator right now, which is fitting, because nail art competitions are probably the only kind of sport I am qualified to commentate). It's got everything: grass, trees, a woman in a tasteful and functional running suit. It even has a cute couple just waiting to meet under the tree on the thumb. What more could anyone ask for besides the ability to put on clothes and handle objects with their fingers? Well, at least it's pretty. (And now I want it done to me.)

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Yes it's legit. Yes, you can hire me as a researcher!

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I really like this one…