This Is the Hoarder Story of Your Nightmares

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The remains of a 95-year-old woman named Anne Bunch were found in a Florida storage unit nearly 17 years after she died in 1994. Her daughter, Bobbie Barnett Hancock, — described as a "hoarder" by her ex-husband — kept her mother's remains in storage until she could no longer afford the unit and had to sell it and its then-unknown grisly contents at auction. Of course, it's not so bizarrely simple as a case of extreme hoarding — according to her daughter, Bunch, who died of three heart attacks and a paralyzing stroke, couldn't afford to be buried as-planned in Alabama because in America even dying takes a little extra capital.

"Hoarder" kept her 95-year-old mother's body in Florida storage unite [NDNY]

Discovery of dead woman in storage unit [Tampa Bay Times]

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No, the hoarder story of your nightmares is the one from a few years ago, where an elderly woman (in Georgia, I think, if I remember correctly) paid some shady characters to dig up her buried twin sister and husband, and kept the bodies rolled up in carpets, the twin sister in a spare room and the husband in the garage.

This one is icky, too, but not at all on the same level.