This Is The Future Of Reality Television. On The Plus Side, The War On Teenage Boy B.O. Continues!

There's a new Viacom-produced humilidating show to set your TiVos for! It's called The Gamekillers and it's about those "evil forces" that stand between young men and the pussy they so rightly deserve. Oh, you know them: there's "British Accent Guy," who distracts women with his expansive vocabulary and cute-gross teeth, the "Drama Queen" friend whose PMS is always getting in the way, the underminery "One Upper," whose talent is making other men feel insecure, and naturally all these people, in addition to the young feminine prey herself, are professional actors, leaving only one unsuspecting "real guy" to react to all this relentless cockteasing. And the best part is, this is the future of all television programming!

Because the whole thing is a production of Axe deodorant spray, which desperately needs Tivo-resistant exposure if it is going to sear out the nostrils of the next generation of middle school teachers. And Axe is a product of Unilever, which owns millions and millions of brands you might not know about if Viacom wasn't there to remind you of their existence every four minutes!

Many networks listened. They had to. Facing intensifying competition for ad dollars from the Web, television executives need to please advertisers. Unilever, which markets everything from Ben & Jerry's ice cream to Dove soap, is one of the world's biggest advertisers, spending $809 million on ads in the U.S. last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence.


Read the story for more on how this epic media deal was inked. It is so very uplifting to know such quality entertainment properties can survive this austere new era of marketing message avoidance.

At MTV, A New Show That Pushes Deodorant [WSJ]

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@sakade: Aeon Flux. Or was that MuchMusic? You know...the one that still plays music?