This Is The Face of Plastic Surgery

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  • Cosmetic surgery is being marketed as just another luxury purchase for women to add to their collection of Louis Vuitton luggage, Hermes scarfs, and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Just look at Courtney Love — does that woman scream "chic" or what? [NY Times]
  • Young, hip NY couples are bonding in the boxing ring. No fair! When we hit our boyfriend he said we were crazy and needed to go to intensive therapy. That's not very fun. [NY Times]
  • Over 2,000 convicted sex offenders are violating Jessica's Law by living too close to parks and schools and are being told by law enforcement that they need to move. Um, how is it that 2,000 registered dirty, nasty sex offenders are able to fly under the radar like that? Does anyone do their job well in this world, besides us? [LA Times]
  • Taking anti-depressants during pregnancy increases the risk of pre-term birth. If that fact gives you the blues, reach for Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby instead, okay? [Reuters]
  • Camel cigarettes marketed towards women using pink packaging (so fun!), flower-laden ads, and the super femme slogan "Light & Luscious" are being blasted by women's health groups. Personally, our girlishness is tickled by the promise of a raspy truck driver's vocal chords. Sexy! [AP]
  • A major health group in New Zealand is offering lower income men and women free long-term birth control options like vasectomies and IUD insertions in hopes of curbing rising abortion rates. Women's health groups, however, are concerned about pushing the IUD Mirena, which has negative side effects like bleeding and depression. [New Zealand Herald]
  • We love it when cold hard facts throw a wrench in the Anti-Choicer's rhetoric. A new study says that taking the abortion pill doesn't increase a woman's chances of tubal pregnancy or miscarriage down the road. Which reminds us — does anyone else remember that Days of Our Lives storyline where Mimi couldn't get pregnant again because God was punishing her body for having an abortion? That really pissed us off. [CNN]
  • Thanks to an oversight in the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act, colleges and univertisies are no longer getting deep discounts on birth control. A pack of pills which used to cost students on a budget anywhere from $3 to $10 now is in the $30 to $50 range. Ugh, wouldn't it be a pain to tote a Baby Bjorn and Yak Pak to Chemistry 101? [Time Magazine]
  • GPS! GPS! GPS! The tracking device that both scares and delights us, helped track down a married man who killed his 12-year old babysitter. The GPS device will not be needed to know that sicko is going straight to Hell. [LA Times]
  • A former piano teacher is being arraigned for molesting his female students, who were between the ages of 8 and 9. Seriously, the only thing ickier than a male piano teacher is a male gynocologist. Blech. [LA Times]
  • A legal immigrant is facing deportation back to Mexico because he lived with a 16 year old girl when he was 20. Oh my god, maybe this is how we can finally get rid of Wilmer Valderama once and for all! [SF Gate]
  • Goddamn, do we love a crack head or what? A woman called the cops when she discovered some crack rock she just bought and attempted to smoke was totally bunk. Whitney Houston, you're so silly! [SF Gate]



You're really surprised about the sex offender thing? And 2,000? Is that for one county?

The zoning problem for sex offenders is as old as community notifications laws named after dead kids...unless they create neighborhoods spec. for sex offenders, they're going to end up ear some kid-oriented place, or worse, fall off the registry/shake their parole officers entirely. Hell, even the ones whose addresses they keep track of can re-offend...but thats a different problem altogether.

Think of all the incest, rape and child abuse that Meagan's, Jessica's, Adam's, Jacob's laws/acts will never touch b/c it goes on btw. closed doors/where victim and perpetrator know each other.