"This Is The Damndest Election I've Ever Lived Through, Obama's The Most Amazing Candidate I've Ever Bumped Into…"

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  • Rue McClanahan loves Obama, hates Sex & The City and generally does not in any way let you down with regards to the infallibility she earned on Golden Girls, down to her use of the term "bump" before likening the presumptive Democratic nominee to Lincoln. [Queerty]
  • If only Saddam Hussein had been crafty enough to test his fictional weapons of mass destruction he might still be in charge! [Drudge]
  • The Fed(s) seized the assets of IndyMac, one of the leading banks specializing in those "Rent to own your house, your job is your credit!" loans in one of the largest bank failures in US history. [WSJ]
  • (Duh) studies show single men maintain higher testosterone levels than married ones, so you can only imagine what this means for the world's biggest source of excess single men: Guns. The headline on a recent Shanghai Weekly article explains the games' appeal in unusually apt Chinglish: URBAN BATTLE: A VERY MAN ACTIVITY. If you're interested in a slightly more lighthearted take on the state of the sexes in China than TNR's take on the burgeoning fight club culture, I recommend this novella. [TNR]
  • Meanwhile back here in the demographic parallel universe a single woman in her thirties agrees with Lori Gottlieb that thirtysomething women in their thirties are lonely and unfulfilled. [More Intelligent Life]
  • Stalin appears to Vladimir Putin in a dream and says: "I have two bits of advice for you: kill your opponents and paint the Kremlin blue." Putin's response: "Why blue?" That and other Communist jokes which, like Communist buildings, tend to repeat themselves. [Economist]
  • "When a personal problem arises on a men's team… 'they can punch somebody in the face and it's done with. For girls, we don't punch in the face. We hold it in, and when it comes out, it's fire, which is really awful. But as women we all understand that people are human, and I think everybody has truly forgiven Hope. We can still have a bond with her.'" [SI]
  • I don't know who sent me this video but I'm totally wasting it by telling you about it now when you probably won't watch it because it's Friday but if I post it again next week someone will be like "I already saw that thanks" but the thing is it's sufficiently good and depressing that you probably own't mind. [YouTube]
  • The "Washingtonienne" saga might make it to HBO but quite frankly the Martin Scorsese drama set in 1920s Atlantic City sounds better, though I wish someone would make a TV show about Atlantic City today, because that would be at least as darkly comic as anal play for pay with married Republicans senators. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Still stuck at work, casting the old moist, discombobulated stare in the direction of the vaguely coffee-specked liquid crystals? Here is the essay for you… [The National]


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