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This Is Not The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

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When we first heard about a new style of fashion called "foho", we decided that it was, easily, the worst, made-up, bullshit fashion movement ever. But clearly, we spoke too soon! Today's Thursday Styles section in The New York Times is proudly announcing the birth of "ghetto hippie" and "urban hippie" style.


At Teen Vogue, Gloria Baume, the fashion director and a self-professed neo-bohemian, observed: "The summer of love 2007 is very different from the original. On lower Broadway, young girls are wearing little corduroy or patchwork dresses mixed with modern elements: a piece of crystal, sandals in metallic or patent leather....'[H]ippie' mixed with patent leather. All of a sudden it all feels modern."


Memo to Ms. Baume (and others!): If you're thinking that hard about it, you're not really a hippie. If you want to match your patchouli to your YSL platforms, you're not really a hippie. And most importantly, if you put the word "ghetto" in front of the word "hippie," you are most certainly not at all — and never will be — a hippie. Because in the ghetto, there's no time for weaving daisy chains and burning incense. Also, we're pretty sure that in the real ghetto, they would pummel your pansy "urban hippie" ass. Consider yourself warned!
Another Summer of Love [NYT]
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I can assure you from personal experience that Gloria Baume is most certainly not a hippie, hers is a more "artfully dirty euro-hemian" look.